Demonstration Highlights 

Early Morning, Wensleydale by David Newbould

David Newbould

Castleford born artist David Newbould gave a demonstration of his acrylic painting technique... and his comedy 'patter' !

The Group were kept both fascinated by his use of words and brushes throughout the evening !

Some information about David Newbould:

David was born in Castleford, Yorkshire 1938, and when he left Secondary School he went on to complete an apprenticeship as an electrician.

He had a great interest in music in his early years and took up the trombone at age sixteen and later also played the drums. He worked as a semi-pro musician playing jazz, dance and later pop music. Taking a break from the music arts in the 1960’s he then began painting and developed an interest in the visual arts...

David is a self taught artist but he prefers to be called a painter. He paints in a wide range of mediums including oils, acrylic and watercolours however his main love is painting in pastel paints...

He has been commissioned to paint various subject matter but mainly paints studies of landscapes, seascapes and life portraits.
In the past he has been invited to be Artist in residence at Newcastle, Grimsby, Geatshead, Birmingham, and Cork Jazz Festivals together with an exhibition at
Ronnie Scott’s Jazz club London.

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 Charles Kelly

We were treated to a demonstration by Charles Kelly on painting wildlife in watercolour.  The demonstration was highly praised and everyone enjoyed Charles' chosen subjects, an otter and a pair of geese.

Charles started the evening with pencil sketches and then gave the paper a good wetting with clear water using a large brush.  He carefully left the animals dry and then dropped copious amounts of watercolour paints on the surrounding paper. Tilting the boards, Charles let the paint mingle with the water and  continued dropping splodges of colour on to the paintings in an apparently haphazard manner. Yet we soon realised, as each lovely painting emerged, that it was a very controlled plan. After carefully adding the finishing details Charles rounded off a fascinating evening with a question & answer session.

Some information about Charles Kelly:

Charles Kelly was born in Bradford, West Yorkshire in 1952. His education in 'fine art' did not go beyond A Level at school although he went on to study for an Art History degree at Leeds University.

Charles has always been fascinated by any experimental and innovative uses of traditional mediums but did not really discover the possibilities for watercolour until his return from a spell of work in the Channel Islands. He was then fortunate enough to study under Bradford artist Brian Needham whose exhibition 'Further into Watercolour' literally changed the way he looked at this most traditional medium.

Charles paints in oils, acrylics and, of course, watercolours and has an abiding love for the natural world in general and wildlife in particular. The transparent yet intense strength of a bold wash on strong, wet paper provides the perfect abstract foil for the necessarily more measured, figurative approach to the focus of the work.


Charles paints wildlife, pets, domestic and agricultural birds and animals to commission and is available for evening or full day workshops and demonstrations.